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Sat Jan 7 12:25:23 PST 2006

Danial Thom wrote:
> --- Nicolas Blais <nb_root at> wrote:
>> On January 2, 2006 04:52 pm, Sean wrote:
>>> Sean wrote:
>>>> Looking for recommendations on any Unix
>> programming books.
>>>> I have been out of things for a while so I
>> would put my skill level back
>>>> to the beginning.
>>>>             Thanks
>>>>             Sean
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>>> I forgot to mention that I wish to work with
>> C/C++
>>> 			Thanks again,
>>> 			Sean
>> There's a free C++ book which is great : 
>> You can also buy the hardcopy on Amazon.
>> Nicolas
> I'd recommend learning C before C++. In order to
> be an effective unix programmer you must master
> the C language, as you'll have to examine and
> modify code in C to do anything substantial.
> Virtually all major programs and kernels are 'C'
> based.

I think, in general, this is wrong.  And I think many "professionals"
also feel that learning C++ is the way to go.  If you just learning, 
you might as well start with C++. For many good reasons, see 
Stroustrup's answer himself:

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