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Ceri Davies ceri at
Sat Jan 7 11:47:00 PST 2006

On Sat, Jan 07, 2006 at 06:29:15PM +0000, eoghan wrote:
> On 6 Jan 2006, at 20:40, Ceri Davies wrote:
> >On 4 Jan 2006, at 18:59, eoghan wrote:
> >
> >>Hello
> >>Im wondering if there is any info on getting oracle running on  
> >>freeBSD (im using 6.0). I have found this:
> >>
> >>But it seems a little dated. I read oracle doesnt officially  
> >>support freeBSD and was pointed to a link here of people working  
> >>with it:
> >>
> >>I dont speak russian, but is this no longer being continued?
> >>Also, by oracle, I mean the database. i realise they have many  
> >>products...
> >>Any info would help...
> >
> >In my opinion, the best online how-to for this by far is the one at  
> > - I intend to produce  
> >something for the handbook once I get the time, but if you follow  
> >the instructions there you will not go far wrong.
> >
> >On metalink yesterday I noticed that "Intel FreeBSD" appears in the  
> >list of operating systems when you raise a TAR (whoops, I mean SR  
> >these days), so perhaps they will support it if you pay them  
> >enough, I don't know.
> HI Ceri
> Thanks for the link... Im having issues with the install of emulators/ 
> linux_base... doesnt like linux-XFree86-libs-
> Not sure if this lib does the same in terms of linux gcc etc?
> I did read that the 10g install goes a whole lot smoother than the  
> 9i... havent had a chance to really dive into the install yet though...

Hi Eoghan,

Try linux_base-8 instead.  I think that may be better for more recent

I haven't tried the 10g install on FreeBSD, but I have done a few
installations on Solaris and I can tell you that the major problem with
the 10g installer is that it installs 10g, which I'm running into a few
problems with.  That may well be my fault due to some unfamiliarity with
the new version, but since the 9i desupport date has been pushed back
to 2010 I'm still using that where I can.

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