Printing from FreeBSD 6.0 client to Fedora Core 4 server via CUPS/LPD

Tim Greening-Jackson tim.greeningjackson at
Wed Jan 4 11:35:46 PST 2006

Hello there. I hope someone can help me with what I am sure is an
elementary problem. I am currently investigating FreeBSD with a view to
using it on my server in place of Fedora Core 4. Before I move the
server from Fedora to FreeBSD, I want to "play" with FreeBSD to make
sure it can do everything I want and there will be no surprises when I
move my server (and hence my business) across. 

I seem to be beating my head against a brick wall attempting to get
network-based printing operating. The setup I have is as follows. I have
a internet gateway/firewall and smb/nfs/print/DHCP server called
"bifrost". It is connected via Ethernet to a workstation called

Details of the two nodes are: 

  Linux 2.6.11-1.1369_FC4 #1 
  Thu Jun 2 22:55:56 EDT  2005 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux

  FreeBSD tordella 6.0-RELEASE FreeBSD 6.0-RELEASE #0: 
  Wed Dec 14 13:04:41 GMT 2005
  root at tordella:/usr/src/sys/i386/compile/TORSNDKRNL  i386

(Note that the TORSNDKRNL kernel is the 6.0 generic one with support for
my sound-card compiled in).

Connected to bifrost is an HPLJ1200 printer (lp0). If tordella runs
Windows 2000 it can use the printer via SMB, as can other Microsoft
systems (e.g. my laptop)


  +-------------+   +-------------+    +-------------+
  | tordella    |   | bifrost     |    | HPLP 1200   |
  | FreeBSD 6.0 |   | Fedora 4    +====+ (lp0)       |
  |   |   |    |    |             |
  +------+------+   +------+------+    +-------------+
         |                 |
         |                 |

Bifrost runs CUPS as its Unix printing service. Both the FreeBSd
handbook and 'The Complete FreeBSD' suggest that LPD will be used on
tordella. As far as I can tell the two should be compatible. But... when
I attempt to print I get this on tordella:

  tordella# ls -l | lpr
  tordella# lpq
  tordella: Warning: lp is down: waiting for bifrost to come up
  tordella: Warning: no daemon present
  Rank   Owner      Job  Files                                 Total
  1st    root       7    (standard input)                      1279

and on bifrost I get:

  [tim at bifrost ~]$ lpq
  HPLJ1200 is ready
  no entries

bifrost's /etc/printcap is: 


(with comments removed) and tordella's is: 

  lp|HPLJ1200|LaserJet 1200 on bifrost:\

On bifrost, the relevant lines of /etc/cups/cupsd.conf are:

  <Location /printers/HPLJ1200>
  Order Allow,Deny
  Allow From All
  Allow from tordella
  Allow From
  AuthType None
  Allow from All
  Allow from tordella
  # Lines below are automatically generated - DO NOT EDIT
  Browsing On
  BrowseProtocols all
  BrowseOrder Allow,Deny
  BrowseAllow from tordella
  BrowseAllow from @LOCAL
  Listen tordella

Having done a man cups-lpd, I have also added the following
to /etc/xinet.d on bifrost

  service printer
        socket_type = stream
        protocol = tcp
        wait = no
        user = lp
        group = sys
        passenv =
        server = /usr/lib/cups/daemon/cups-lpd
        server_args = -o document-format=application/octet-stream

I'd be grateful for any advice anyone has. Many thanks in advance.

Tim Greening-Jackson
Manchester, UK

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