pkg_add question

László Nagy nagylzs at
Sat Jan 7 02:28:57 PST 2006

  Hello All,

I tried to install the Xorg server and xfce4 from the binary 
distribution, using

pkg_add -r

I could setup the Xorg server, but I cannot use xfce. When I run


then I get the following message:

/libexec/ Shared object "" not found, 
required by "xfce4-sesion".

I read somewhere that I need to update glib. But I cannot do this with 

pkg_add -r glib

tells me that glib (or an older version of it) is already installed. Now 
I'm trying to upgrade glib with

portupgrade -r glib

and probably it will work. But it will take a long time to recompile 
every package that I have in binary format. The big advantage of using 
pkg_add is that I do not need to recompile everything from the ports 
tree. I have a slow machine and limited disk space. But it looks like I 
have no choice. Upgrading glib from the ports will cause many packages 
to be downloaded and recompiled from source. I could not find any way to 
update my packages in binary form. If there is a way, please help me 
finding it.



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