about the wireless card on freebsd5.4

User Webname webnamechina at gmail.com
Fri Jan 6 22:51:33 PST 2006

hello freebsd-question:
	first ,i am sorry for my English ..
	i have a box of a notebook ,install the OS freebsd5.4 .at my office ,there is wlan ,i buy a wireless card of linksys WPC11 VER.4 ..when i install the card into my notebook ,but it not work ..
	i find the quiestion of :man wlan ,man wi ..,freebsd5.4 only have support linksys WPC11 ver.3 ,so i don't konw how update the drive of my box to support my wireless  card ...
	someone can tell me how update the wi driver ???
	thank all ...

	i try install freebsd6.0 ,but the 6.0 can not work on my notebook ...

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