pls help network thoughput

ann kok annkok2001 at
Fri Jan 6 19:57:11 PST 2006

Dear Andrew

Thank you for your help in advance

I keep checking the loading. it is running fine. the
load averages is not over to 1.0

System info:
Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz
2G memory

for the sysctl var:


I don't run   iperf and my switch is not managable.

could you provide any hints to check it?

and tune the system also.

Thank you again 

last pid: 47008;  load averages:  0.00,  0.02,  0.02  
80+11:09:17  22:42:18
31 processes:  1 running, 30 sleeping
CPU states:     % user,     % nice,     % system,    
% interrupt,     % idle
Mem: 100M Active, 1639M Inact, 201M Wired, 60M Cache,
199M Buf, 11M Free

--- "Andrew P." <infofarmer at> wrote:

> On 1/7/06, ann kok <annkok2001 at> wrote:
> > Hi all
> >
> > I use feebsd 4.11 as router with intel Giga card
> about
> > 1 year
> >
> > Recently, the bandwidth couldn't grow and stop to
> > about 383M. ls it the maximum thoughtput of the
> > freebsd?
> Yes, FreeBSD has quite a few limits hardcoded which
> gives other OSes a chance to look decent in various
> tests and benchmarks.
> Anyway, please provide additional details. CPU
> load one of the most important factors here.
> According
> to some people, polling makes it show incorrect
> (lower)
> values. Can you run iperf with different switches?
> Can
> you try and tweak polling-related sysctl variables?

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