how to tell aspell -c to ignore "_", ">", "<", and other bytes

Greg Barniskis nalists at
Fri Jan 6 06:54:30 PST 2006

Gary Kline wrote:
> 	People,
> 	You may remember that I'm trying to scan > 400 pages from a text.
> 	Things work much better using he latest gocr and a greatly
> 	enlarged JPEG image, tweaked with xv.  I'm almmost to the point
> 	where I can use aspell -c to correct  misinterpreted text.  The
> 	gotcha is that the sample jpg file I  have are filled with
> 	improper non-characters, including "_", '<", ">", along with
> 	punctuation, and random integers.  Is there any way to tell 
> 	aspell to look at (say) S_wiss and guess Swiss, an6yle and guess 
> 	angle, n:otio:1 and guess motion, and di.5tnnce and guess distance?

You might get somewhere with the bad-spellers suggestion mode 
setting, which should make it more aggressive about trying to find a 
match for mangled strings. However, I understand that in this mode 
it's still looking for soundslike mistrakes, not "9 looks like g" 
and the like. This mode also turns of checking for typos IIRC, but 
those checks really won't be helping you anyway since they're 
looking for fumbled keystrokes, not lookalike chars. Tuning the edit 
distance may or may not help for those really bad mangles.

Other than that, you should probably ask this question in an aspell 
support forum for best results.

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