how to tell aspell -c to ignore "_", ">", "<", and other bytes

Gary Kline kline at
Thu Jan 5 21:14:51 PST 2006


	You may remember that I'm trying to scan > 400 pages from a text.
	Things work much better using he latest gocr and a greatly
	enlarged JPEG image, tweaked with xv.  I'm almmost to the point
	where I can use aspell -c to correct  misinterpreted text.  The
	gotcha is that the sample jpg file I  have are filled with
	improper non-characters, including "_", '<", ">", along with
	punctuation, and random integers.  Is there any way to tell 
	aspell to look at (say) S_wiss and guess Swiss, an6yle and guess 
	angle, n:otio:1 and guess motion, and di.5tnnce and guess distance?

	Because the delimiters are spaces, it is impossible to have
	aspelll recgnize things like "i f" for if, and so on.  But gotta
	say that version 0.40is vastly bettr than 0.37.

	thanks much,


   Gary Kline     kline at     Public service Unix

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