FreeBSD 6.0 and Shuttle AMD64

Crispy Beef crispy.beef at
Fri Jan 6 03:24:50 PST 2006

Jean-Baptiste Potonnier wrote:
>>> Ok,  I think so,
>>> but it seems I can't load anything!
>> Try typing 'autoload' and then hitting return to see what that does, 
>> it should start to load a kernel.
> Tried this yesterday an get  a message such "cannot find kernel"
> Get the meny by typing "beastie-start"=> each entry fails.
> I 'll try with NetBSD this evening... if it fails go back to slack

In that case do an ls and see if you can see a kernel, might be called 
kernel.old or something and type 'boot <kernel name>', that should boot it up.

You shouldn't really have to do this from the ISO you downloaded, maybe it's 
worth getting it down again and burning out a fresh copy?


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