Flash Disk

Teilhard Knight teilhk at crosswinds.net
Thu Jan 5 22:09:37 PST 2006

> On 2006-01-05 15:28, Teilhard Knight <teilhk at crosswinds.net> wrote:
>> Can someone tell me, or point to me where I can find, how to
>> mount a Flash Disk in release 6.0? I have Googled, but I simply
>> cannot find the right way.  An icon to mount and unmount on the
>> desktop would be nice. Thanks.
> When I plug my USB JetFlash disk, the following appears in
> /var/log/messages (and the system console, but I mostly use X11
> these days):
>    umass0: USB Flash Disk, rev 2.00/2.00, addr 2
>    da0 at umass-sim0 bus 0 target 0 lun 0
>    da0:  Removable Direct Access SCSI-2 device
>    da0: 1.000MB/s transfers
>    da0: 250MB (512000 512 byte sectors: 64H 32S/T 250C)

I get something similar too. The Device Node is created all right.

> When you plug the USB flash disk in, /dev/da0 (or another daX
> device) is automatically created.  If the flash disk already has
> partitions (they usually come with a single FAT partition),
> you'll also see da0s1 or something similar:
>    # ls -l /dev/da*
>    crw-r-----  1 root  operator  -   4,  44 Oct 16 17:38 /dev/da0

Yes, I also get something similar to this.

> If you see only da0, it's possible that the 'raw disk' is
> formatted using FAT, without a real BIOS-style partition, which
> means that you should be able to 'mount' it with something like:
>    # /sbin/mount_msdosfs /dev/da0 /mnt

I do not only see da0 above and this command results in: "mount_msdosfs:
/dev/da0: Invalid argument"

> That's it.  Copy files to and from the /mnt directory.  When you
> are done, make sure you unmount the flash disk before removing
> it.  If you don't, chances are your kernel will panic when it
> discovers the physical flash disk is gone.
>    # umount /mnt
> Now, it's safe to pull the flash disk out.

You told me how to mount my flash disk in case the command "ls -l /dev/da0"
results incomplete or I have the disk raw formatted. But what should I do if
I get all similar to what you get? In other words, how do you mount your
flash disk?

Thanks for your feedback.


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