pkgdb format

Parv parv at
Wed Jan 4 12:24:40 PST 2006

in message <43B3F22D.5070601 at>, wrote Fernan Aguero
> The pkgdb.db file got rebuild the first time, and then everything
> worked right until portupgrade reinstalled databases/ruby-bdb1.
> From this point on, the rebuilding of pkgdb.db started,
> alternating between bdm_hash and dbd1_btree

I personally never had problem w/ pkgdb update and type of the db
format used.  Then again i do not use portupgrade (& assortments)

> Anyway, I just wanted to add that I've been unable to find
> documentation on the format of the pkgdb.db file ...  'man -k
> pkgdb' turns up pkgdb(1), but there is nothing there regarding the
> alternative formats (hash/btree) or how to set them explicitly.

sysutils/portupgrade needs databases/ruby18-bdb4 which needs
databases/db4.  Some of the files installed w/ db4 are in
/usr/local/bin/db4_* and /misc/local/share/doc/db4/{utility,ref}.  At
least two of them relate to db4_verify.  Well, running ...

  db4_verify /var/db/package/pkgdb.db

... prints lots of error messages.  All that looking around for no
good, but wait ...

  file /var/db/package/pkgdb.db
  /var/db/package/pkgdb.db: Berkeley DB 1.85 (Hash, version 2, native byte-order)

... so my version of pkgdb.db is in hash format.  Try that on yours.

  - Parv


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