pkgdb format

Fernan Aguero fernan at
Wed Jan 4 08:25:24 PST 2006

| I had exactly the same problem during portupgrading after a 5.4->6.0
| base system upgrade until I did a `portupgrade -fR portupgrade`, at
| which point it stopped (and has been fine ever since).  I have no idea
| what the problem is or why this would fix it, but you might like to
| try this and see if it helps.
| Colin Percival

Just to add to the thread, though a little bit late.

I had also the same problem, during a 'portupgrade -af'
after upgrading to 6.0. 

So I stopped the process, removed the pkgdb.db file, and
started it again. The pkgdb.db file got rebuild the first
time, and then everything worked right until portupgrade
reinstalled databases/ruby-bdb1. From this point on, the
rebuilding of pkgdb.db started, alternating between bdm_hash
and dbd1_btree, as described before in this thread.

Anyway, I just wanted to add that I've been unable to find
documentation on the format of the pkgdb.db file ... 
'man -k pkgdb' turns up pkgdb(1), but there is nothing there
regarding the alternative formats (hash/btree) or how to
set them explicitly.


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