6.0-REL && isos of distfiles

Greg Barniskis nalists at scls.lib.wi.us
Tue Jan 3 06:43:21 PST 2006

RW wrote:
> On Friday 30 December 2005 13:54, Greg Barniskis wrote:
>>distribution ISOs as packages. Again, if you simply must have
>>sources not packages, then at your high speed location, do something
>>portupgrade -F '*'
>>Then burn your own ISOs any which way you like. Try to be more
>>specific about what you want than '*' or you may be sorry due to the
>>sheer volume -- do you really want all of the sources for nearly
>>14,000 ports?
> "*" is a package glob that applies only to the entries in the package 
> database, so you wont get the source 14,000 ports, unless you've already 
> installed them all. 

Yeah, I guess I knew that wasn't quite right, thus the hedge 
language: "something like". I suppose I should have just said "see 
man portupgrade" or taken the time to do that myself. Thanks for the 

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