Kernel Compilation...

Crispy Beef crispy.beef at
Tue Jan 3 02:00:51 PST 2006

Robert Huff wrote:
> Crispy Beef writes:
>> I wasn't aware that I needed to do a buildworld too, am limited
>> on the amount of disk space I have, the whole disk is 6Gb with a
>> 1Gb /home and over 3Gb /usr.  Is that going to be enough?
> 	1) It is _very_ important to keep the kernel and userland in
> sync.
> 	2) 
> huff@>> du -s /usr/src
> 442996  /usr/src
> 	As a ball-park estimate, figure 1Gb when you need to update.
> 	Assuming you have a high-speed connection, I would rebuild
> world and kernel per the handbook.  After installing and testing the
> new system I would save the kernel config file elsewhere and delete
> /usr/src and /usr/obj.  THe next time you need to rebuild you'll
> need to clear the disk and download the entire source tree, but
> you'll have the disk available until then.

Basically I had just installed 6.0-RELEASE from the CD, got the kernel sources 
  from an ftp server (using sysinstall) and then proceded to build the kernel 
as I mentioned in another post (traditional method).  Basically you're saying 
I should grab the entire source tree and then build everything before the 
kernel?  Just checking before I go ahead...having said that as it's a clean 
install there's nothing too vital on the system so won't matter to much if I 
trash it.

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