what is with the instalation?! :(

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at infracaninophile.co.uk
Mon Jan 2 13:26:19 PST 2006

Chris wrote:
> artek j wrote:
>>i have problem with instalation to point 2.8 ,
>>when should start the instalation explode error : Undable to find /dev/ad2s3b in/dev abort instalation

> Are we to understand, FreeBSD 2.8? If so, that is seriously outdated.

Ummm... I think the OP means section 2.8 of the Handbook:

>>undable to create file system instalation aborted....
>>i have 3 partitions
>>c:fat32 for windows          primary
>>d:fat32 for warning files      logical
>>unused - thist part of disk is reserved for FreeBSD , i create FreeBSD partition with manual and al is ok to the moment when explode me error - couldn't to create file system....

That's either the result of an earlier error while trying to run fdisk(8)
to write a new slice table to create the ad2s3 slice or an error while
trying to divide that slice up into FreeBSD partitions using bsdlabel(8).
Unfortunately it's impossible to say what error given the information

Hitting Alt-F2 after telling sysinstall(8) to commit all the changes will
get you to a verbose output screen -- chances are that will tell you rather
more intelligibly what the exact problem is.



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