what is with the instalation?! :(

Chris racerx at makeworld.com
Sun Jan 1 10:45:24 PST 2006

artek j wrote:
> i have problem with instalation to point 2.8 ,
> when should start the instalation explode error : Undable to find /dev/ad2s3b in/dev abort instalation

Are we to understand, FreeBSD 2.8? If so, that is seriously outdated.

> undable to create file system instalation aborted....
> i have 3 partitions
> c:fat32 for windows          primary
> d:fat32 for warning files      logical
> unused - thist part of disk is reserved for FreeBSD , i create FreeBSD partition with manual and al is ok to the moment when explode me error - couldn't to create file system....
> please help me
> arthur jakobik

Best regards,

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