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Derek Ragona derek at
Tue Feb 28 11:32:48 PST 2006

Sparcs are a bit different.  A sparc will boot from tape, CD-ROM, net, 
floppy, hard drive, pretty much and device.  However, you have to boot from 
the right record or slice, etc on the media.  Setting the boot device in 
the prom won't guarantee a boot from that device, only that it will try 
that device as the default.

Sparcs are fussy about what they will boot, you can try booting right from 
the prom.  If you have the ok prompt you can type
boot cdrom

You get more control in the prom's old mode where you can type
b sd(0,6,0)
to boot from a SCSI CD at id 6

As I said the sparcs are fussy, and may not boot if your cd is not burned 
correctly (depending on what software you used to make the image.)

You can google for more information on booting the sparc, there are other 
UNIX's that do boot on these, so I know it should be possible.  You may 
have to keep trying.


At 09:41 AM 2/28/2006, Scott Einuis wrote:
>Hi People,
>I've been using FreeSBD for years on x386 machines, and just yesterday
>someone gave me a Sun Blade (Ultra-Sparc III) machine with an external SCSI
>CD-ROM.  It has Solaris 8 pre-installed.
>My questions are..
>Should I keep Solaris 8 or install FreeBSD?
>Since I tried to install FreeBSD already and failed, how do I get the Sun
>Machine to boot from the CD I created for SPARC boot only?
>I tried using the eeprom command and changing the boot device to "cdrom" and
>and I also tried the init 0 thing however when I probe-scsi nothing comes
>Any help would be appreciated.
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