Help Sun Blade 1000

Scott Einuis photography at
Tue Feb 28 07:41:34 PST 2006

Hi People,
I've been using FreeSBD for years on x386 machines, and just yesterday
someone gave me a Sun Blade (Ultra-Sparc III) machine with an external SCSI
CD-ROM.  It has Solaris 8 pre-installed.
My questions are..
Should I keep Solaris 8 or install FreeBSD?
Since I tried to install FreeBSD already and failed, how do I get the Sun
Machine to boot from the CD I created for SPARC boot only?
I tried using the eeprom command and changing the boot device to "cdrom" and
and I also tried the init 0 thing however when I probe-scsi nothing comes
Any help would be appreciated.

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