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Nikolas Britton nikolas.britton at
Tue Feb 28 04:11:14 PST 2006

On 2/28/06, Kristian Vaaf <vaaf at> wrote:
> You like the logo?
> Speaking as a lecturer at the Royal Academy of Arts, on behalf
> of myself and a lot of other designers, the new FreeBSD logo is worthless.
> It's useless eyecandy. As if we don't have enough of that already.
> The logo competition wasn't held properly. It was only announced
> internally within
> FreeBSD's circles and not promoted through design universities, communities
> and such. Also the people hosting the competition have acted rather arrogant
> towards many that I know who just wanted to help.
> Second, only a few selected people (who may not know anything about design
> as far as we're concerned) got to choose the logo. In my opinion, it is to show
> how the FreeBSD project itself neglects its real life users.
> The logo is, again, eyecandy. Though in some cases pleasant to look at, it does
> not fulfill the criterias of a modern day logo. These, however, do:
> Anyway Don Poynter, his e-mail is gak at tomsksoft dot com.

I'd tend to agree with you, ever notice the arrow in the FedEx logo? I
like everything I see here: but it's mostly just
eyecandy. The only logo candidates I see on the page are the two tone
black and white beastie heads. Anyways onto the FedEx logo, one of the
best branding logos I can think of:

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