Building a Jail in FreeBSD or NetBSD for a hosting environment

Nick Larsen larsen.nick at
Mon Feb 27 18:34:44 PST 2006

Hey Members,

I have done a little research on Jails and setting them up, and managed to
get one going at one stage and managed to somehow destroy it.
I'm new to Jails, and I would like to use a real jail then just using a
chroot jail.

Where I work, we use the Ensim software for hosting, and I find that very
pricey and sluggish (and it runs on Fedora rather than Linux).
They use a technique of chrooting sites and the sites users into an
environment in /home/virtual/sitexxx/ I would like to be able to do the same
(but with Jail), but not quite sure how to go about it. Last time I tried to
`make world DESTDIR=/my/jail/path` it failed (cannot remember the details
right now) but it this where I start?

Also do I need an individual IP for each jail? because each physical server
will have 1 IP unless the customer requests a dedicated IP.

Any help would be appreciated, and I have tried to research it but end up
going round in circles.


Nick Larsen

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