SSHD working in a funky fashion

Kurt Buff kurt.buff at
Mon Feb 27 17:46:09 PST 2006


I have set up a desktop box with 3 dual port Intel NICs as a router,
which function it seems to be performing just fine.

I used to be able to ssh into the box from my Windows machines with no
problem, but now it hangs after I enter the user name - it won't come
back with the password prompt.

It's FreeBSD 6.0 Release, and I've installed samba/cups on it, with
nothing else on it.

I'm not seeing any particular errors in syslog or in dmesg, except
when I try to connect to via putty from my Windows boxen. Then it

sshd: fatal: timeout before authentication from

I'm not having this problem with my other FreeBSD 6.0 Release boxes,
which are running things like ntop and

Can anyone point me in a useful direction for troubleshooting this?



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