changing Sendmail server's IP address, nightmare!

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at
Sun Feb 26 15:34:37 PST 2006

It is not a nightmare to change a mailserver's IP number,
but it is a long process to change a DNS servers IP number if
that server was fully registered in the root nameservers.

Generally, putting your main mailserver and main DNS server
on the same box is considered not very smart these days.

You need to get your ISP involved in this process, that kind
of support is what your paying them for.  If they can't help
(and I highly doubt that) then find another ISP that can.


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>Subject: changing Sendmail server's IP address, nightmare!
>  Does anyone have any specific information on making IP
>address changes to Sendmail servers since I have found that
>this situation is a lot more difficult/tedious than I had
>thought.  The Sendmail server in question is also providing DNS
>for a web server, but I would like to use our new ISP's DNS
>info for our web domains and for the mail server.  In a
>nutshell, I recently started working for a small business that
>has a mail server and web server, this occurred just after they
>had already begun switching to a new ISP (Mpower).  I thought I
>knew enough UNIX/sys admin info to make this happen but this
>has turned into a minor nightmare for me, since Sendmail has so
>many files that may contain the old IP info.
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