Bandwidth Problems with Freebsd 5.x

ptitoliv ptitoliv at
Sat Feb 25 15:59:58 PST 2006

Donald J. O'Neill a écrit :

>Maybe, but not to the internet on an  1.5Mb/s connection. Your aDSL line 
>is only good for at most 1.5M and that's not guaranteed to happen all 
>the time. There are a lot of things that go on to throttle that. At 
>home I can connect between computers at 100 Mb/s, so what. I can't 
>connect to the internet at faster than what's capable of being supplied 
>by the ISP.
I think there is a misunderstanding : boxes are not on my ADSL line but
on a datacenter with 100 Mbits/s connectivity.

When I say the Debian is able to make a 5 MB/s connexion it is not with
my adsl line but another server located on the internet.


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