Solved, thanks! And a hot software tip (was: How to remove Boot Menu)

Andrew Pantyukhin infofarmer at
Thu Feb 23 15:12:21 PST 2006

On 2/23/06, wc_fbsd at <wc_fbsd at> wrote:
> Hi.... thanks to everyone who responded, Esp Tim D. on my question
> about removing the FBSD boot manager.  A plain old DOS FDISK /MBR
> zapped it, and left my BSD installation untouched.
> Problem is.... yet again, I needed a dang DOS boot disk.  I've been
> thinking for years it would be cool to have a boot CD-Rom instead,
> that could load up into a ram disk, yada, yada....
> Well someone already did it, and did a damn thorough job:  The
> Ultimate Boot CD  is a must-have
> piece of free-ware for anyone maintaining "win-tel" PCs, regardless
> of the operating system in use.  See the site for a complete
> list.  But basically the guy has pulled together dozens of
> manufacturer specific diagnostics, firmware flashers, etc onto one CD
> that can run them directly, or get you a shell in dos or linux, and
> be able to mount pretty much any file system out there.  Good
> Stuff!  Check it out.  And [maybe] finally trash those floppies for good.
>      -Wayne
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"wintel" stands for windows+intel :-)
how about Freeon - FreeBSD+{Athlon|Sempron|Opteron}?

Thanks for the tip. I've been wondering how one can do
that, but never got to googling. I'm still afraid to mess
with production servers, though zapping the boot manager
would save a few seconds each reboot (hmm, once every
few years :).

UBCD is great, especially when you get hold of mkisofs
and start customizing it. I had to learn it when I needed to
reflash a server without FDD. It only took an hour to find
a guide, experiment and have a new ubcd containing
all the firmwares I need.

Hiren is also very good, but it contains warez mostly, so
beware. There are many other alternatives out there.

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