Solved, thanks! And a hot software tip (was: How to remove Boot Menu)

wc_fbsd at wc_fbsd at
Thu Feb 23 08:24:24 PST 2006

Hi.... thanks to everyone who responded, Esp Tim D. on my question 
about removing the FBSD boot manager.  A plain old DOS FDISK /MBR 
zapped it, and left my BSD installation untouched.

Problem is.... yet again, I needed a dang DOS boot disk.  I've been 
thinking for years it would be cool to have a boot CD-Rom instead, 
that could load up into a ram disk, yada, yada....

Well someone already did it, and did a damn thorough job:  The 
Ultimate Boot CD  is a must-have 
piece of free-ware for anyone maintaining "win-tel" PCs, regardless 
of the operating system in use.  See the site for a complete 
list.  But basically the guy has pulled together dozens of 
manufacturer specific diagnostics, firmware flashers, etc onto one CD 
that can run them directly, or get you a shell in dos or linux, and 
be able to mount pretty much any file system out there.  Good 
Stuff!  Check it out.  And [maybe] finally trash those floppies for good.


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