Can't seem to boot from 6.0-RELEASE

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Thu Feb 23 11:43:48 PST 2006

Nikolas Britton wrote:

>I see, do the Intel EMT-64 chips use the amd64 release too? And what
>did he mean by "certain programs being unavalable for amd64", what are
>the major ones?
There seems to be an IA-64 which I guess is Intel.  Only buy AMD chips 
myself, so I'm a bit hazy on that.  I'm sure has the answer 
somewhere :-)

Major programs include java, and I think, Linux 32-bit compatibility.  
You can see a complete list of ports which fail to build at e.g. the ones not building under 5-STABLE 
for AMD64 are in  Of course, 
some of those packages just fail to build anywhere!  But lack of java 
and nvidia are big stumblers for many who might otherwise try 64-bit on 
a desktop.  For a pure server, given the time, I'd certainly experiment 
with 64-bit.  Unfortunately, all "my" pure servers run Linux - not 
through choice :-(

You described 64-bit chips as bleeding edge, but I really don't think 
they are any more.  Dual cores may be bleeding edge and SLI may be 
bleeding edge, but bog standard 64-bit processors running a 32-bit OS 
are dead common and usually seem to work.  No doubt there are some 
chipsets/motherboards that are worse than others, but that's the same 
for any architecture.  Buying anything to run FreeBSD well has always 
been a matter of checking the hardware lists carefully and backing that 
up with google.  8 months ago I had no trouble finding an AMD 939 64 bit 
motherboard that would work well with FreeBSD.


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