Problem connecting a freebsd server using ssh

wc_fbsd at wc_fbsd at
Thu Feb 23 07:53:18 PST 2006

At 03:50 AM 2/23/2006, Lei Sun wrote:
>1. ssh from Freebsd_A to Freebsd_B: I got "Read from socket failed: 
>Connection reset by peer" error.
>2. ssh from windows xp (putty) to Freebsd_B: logs me in fine
>3. try to ssh from Freebsd_A to Freebsd_B again, got the same error

I didn't did through your logs extensively.  But when I've run into 
similar problems recently, it's usually because one of the clients is 
using an older ( < v2) of the protocol.  At some point back in fBSD 
5.x support for the less-secure v1 ssh protocol became disabled by default.

Try editing /etc/ssh/sshd_config   and look for a "Protocol" 
option.  Try setting it to "Protocol 1,2"   However, the level one 
supposedly has some security holes, and you might not want to use it 
over the public Internet.  I just use it with my stupid windoze 
client that only does level one, to connect over our own LAN, so I don't care.


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