Problem connecting a freebsd server using ssh

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Thu Feb 23 01:00:19 PST 2006

A and B are the same version of FreeBSD? Perhaps you can try to remove all
the files under ~/.ssh on server B.

2006/2/23, Lei Sun <lei.sun at>:
> Hi Guys,
> I did tons of search on what problems might be, but it doesn't seems
> to be the cases that I have searched even though it looks similar.
> 1. ssh from Freebsd_A to Freebsd_B: I got "Read from socket failed:
> Connection reset by peer" error.
> 2. ssh from windows xp (putty) to Freebsd_B: logs me in fine
> 3. try to ssh from Freebsd_A to Freebsd_B again, got the same error
> message, and now I can't log in from windows xp (putty) to Freebsd_B
> any more, unless I reboot the windows xp machine. WIERD!!!
> I check the tcp wrapper thing, the hosts.allow is All : All : allow.
> So that's not the case.
> I made sure all of the KeepAlive entries are set to yes, but still no
> luck.
> Please help... Thanks in advance!

Ma Jie

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