Upgrading Freebsd 5.4 release to 5.4 stable

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at clunix.cl.msu.edu
Thu Feb 23 07:28:33 PST 2006

> That was valuable in deed ....
> The 12 server are all identical but the problem is that the test machine
> which we will be using is not of the same class as that of the server.
> Then all the server run a custom built kernel and not the generic one.
> By "mode" I meant how to go about doing this process. Is it better to go the
> cvs way or the binary way ?
> Currently we have not yet thought of freebsd 6.0, we are thinking of making
> the servers bit more stable with the stable version....

See, this is a misunderstanding of the way the word 'stable' is being
used in regards to the FreeBSD versions.   It is stable only in relation
to the 'current' development track which is in almost complete flux as
people work on it daily.   But in comparrison to the RELEASE verion
a STABLE version is not as "stable" (though it is usually pretty good).
It is sort of an interim version with security patches and some of the
new things that are being worked on.

> We came to this conclusion because our servers do have a problem were the
> server gets rebooted automatically with put any reason ( I couldn't get any
> from the logs )

This is probably not related to the OS level at all.  It is most likely
some hardware or power stability issue, but could be some software
thing if storage space or memory table space or some such is running out.

> This issue is there with all the servers but the one server suffers the most
> ( having a real bad uptime which is max of 2 days )

Any possibility you have something going that has a "memory leak"?


> I hope to get more data on the same so that the transition is done smoothly
> ....

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