Can't seem to boot from 6.0-RELEASE

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Thu Feb 23 03:19:24 PST 2006

Nikolas Britton wrote:

>Your not using the right install CDs. You have an AMD 64-Bit chip so
>you can't (AFAIK) use the I386 Release. Maybe there is a setting in
>the BIOS for I386 compat, I have no experience with AMD's 64-Bit chips
>so this is just a guess. Or try disabling ACPI and everything else in
>the BIOS etc... That's the price you pay for being an early adopter,
>you don't need nvidia gfx for an Opteron server.
This is not correct.  An i386 version of FreeBSD runs just dandy on 
64-bit Athlons (or 64 bit Intel for that matter) even if this release is 
failing on this specific system.  All current 64-bit "PC" processors are 
backwards compatible with i386.

I would try the i386 6.1 PRERELEASE CD, the 5.4 RELEASE and the 5.5 
PRERELEASE in order and see if any of them worked.  Or try limiting your 
google by including the sis 754 and see if finds any help.  There are 
mentions of 754 problems being fixed in 6-STABLE but I didn't look 
closely enough to know if they would help you.


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