trouble finding burner (k3b)

Peter petermatulis at
Wed Feb 22 20:17:02 PST 2006

This k3b program is great but it I find it very picky.  Currently it
cannot detect my DVD/CD burner (/dev/acd1) anymore.  It can find my CDROM
(/dev/acd0) allright but it claims the permissions may be wrong on the
burner.  I checked and these devices have the same permissions.  I even
gave them both 777 without success in detection.  They are also both owned
by root:operator and my invoking user is in group operator.  This used to
work great.  I haven't tried to burn anything recently so I don't know
when things fell apart but what I can say is yesterday I recompiled my
kernel.  I used the same config file with one line being added (for USB
2.0 support; ehci).  Anyone have any ideas?  I'm running 5.4 although
today I was surprised that dmesg showed this:

FreeBSD 5.5-PRERELEASE #1: Tue Feb 21 15:23:16 EST 2006

Is this normal?

p.s. I can mount the DVD drive and read its media.



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