Newbie Alert : pkg_add and packages Q (do not want to compile)

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I am also a user of the packages.
Each new release of FreeBSD has a ftp package directory that matches
the release. That is where the pkg_add -r command goes to get your
packages. The 4.11 release would have the words '4.11-release' in the
directory name. Time passes and we now have 5.4 and 6.0 releases, each
one defaulting to its matching directory location.  Lets say you are
on 4.11 and want to upgrade your packages to the most current version
which are in the '6.0-release' directory location or the current
directory location which is a work in process. First you have to
change the default location the pkg_add -r looks on your 4.11 system.
As said in previous replies, you can specify the complete path
location to the '6.0-release' location as part of the pkg_add command,
or change the default location as documented in the install guide, or
use the sysinstall to change the default release name.

Since many of the standard dependants are used by many packages you
can not just starting doing pkg_adds using the new default directory
location. You have to wipe out your complete inventory of installed
packages and reinstall all of them again. This way the dependants will
be auto installed as needed by the parent packages.

What I do is I have a script containing all the pkg_add -vr pkkgname
commands for the packages I have installed. The first line in it is
pkg_delete *  which will delete all installed packages and ports. I
can upgrade my complete environment in 35 minutes by running a single

I hope this helps you.

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On Wed, 2006-02-22 at 21:37 -0500, fbsd_user wrote:
> do pkg_info
> look in the output for xterm. it will contain its complete name
> if its name in the list output is xterm-203  then

I did that.

> pkg_delete xterm-203   this will remove it

It says dependencies on xorg-clients.

Another poster said to use "-f (force)" but I don't like that. This
usually means there are underlying deps which can cause errors. eg:
changed libraries

> then pkg_add -rv xterm  should fetch the package from the ports
> collection and install it.

> There is a better explanation of the ports collection in the install
> guide at

I read that already. That's how I knew to use the _exact_name with the
version suffix. And besides, it only mentions how to add a new package
and not upgrade an existing package.

The problem with the deps is just un-nerving.

I just want to update to the latest *binary* package and not do a
compile. These are just small packages, what happens when I want to
upgrade to the latest gnome version? I rather get packages than


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