How to remove Boot Menu

Wayne wc_fbsd at
Mon Feb 20 10:39:44 PST 2006

Hi All,

I have a new server loaded with 6.0-Release.  During the 
installation, I told it to use the "boot manager" -- boot0 if I have 
my terminology straight.

So on every start, I get the:
	F1 FreeBSD
	Default: F1

How can I get rid of this, and just boot straight into BSD?   Some 
online docs suggested:    fdisk -b /boot/mbr /dev/ad4    would work, 
but I've still got the menu.

Usually I'll poke around more before asking, but I really don't want 
to trash something, loose the partition table and have to start from 
scratch.  Suggestions?

   -Thanks,   Wayne

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