Bandwidth Problems with Freebsd 5.x

ptitoliv ptitoliv at
Sun Feb 19 09:54:37 PST 2006

Mathieu CHATEAU a écrit :

>try this:
>ping -c 1000 -s 1500 IP_TO_PING
>wait for the 1000 ping to go trough. You should not have more than
>0,5% of loss (is the servers aren't overload). If it's more or equal
>than 0,5%, it comes from the network (cables or switches fault).
>Each host would be in 100 full (via autoselect to be sure the conf is
>ok on the switch).
I made the tests on the two boxes => 0 % packet loss.

I man an other interesting test. I try to transfert between the BSD Box
and a server located at home behind my 1MB/s ADSL Line. Here are the
results :

FreeBSD box => Workstation at home : 300 kB/s
Debian box on the same network  => Workstation at home : 950 kB/s.

This test confirms cleraly that there is a problem with the BSD, I guess.

Could it be a bug from the VR driver ?


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