Bandwidth Problems with Freebsd 5.x

Mathieu CHATEAU gollum123 at
Sun Feb 19 02:43:47 PST 2006

Saturday, February 18, 2006, 7:47:05 PM, you wrote:

p> Mathieu CHATEAU a écrit :

>>what about netstat -e on each host ?
>>(looking for errors)
p> no errors detected

>>are you on swicthes ?
>>Are the switches port on auto or forced ?
p> I don't know exactly : the servers are hosted by a company. So I think
p> they are in autoselect mode.

>>when doing an ifconfig -a, are you in 100 full duplex ?
p> Yeah and I tried to forced in all possibles modes. (10/100 and half/full
p> duplex)

>>Are you using proftpd  /wuftpd ?
p> Proftpd but I made some new tests with HTTP and SCP and it is the same
p> problem.

p> Regards,
p> ptitoliv

You MUST'NT force speed and duplex if the switch is in autoselect !
you will lost 20 to 30% of packets !!

Try autoselect, if you get 100 full, stay in autoselect. (If you force
100 full and the switch is auto, then the switch will be in 100 half

try this:
ping -c 1000 -s 1500 IP_TO_PING

wait for the 1000 ping to go trough. You should not have more than
0,5% of loss (is the servers aren't overload). If it's more or equal
than 0,5%, it comes from the network (cables or switches fault).
Each host would be in 100 full (via autoselect to be sure the conf is
ok on the switch).


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