Mysterious reboot

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Thu Feb 16 13:59:19 PST 2006

Robin Vley writes:

>  My machine also has trouble with sudden reboots. Much quicker
>  than weeks though, I barely hold out for 5 days.

	"And three shall be the number of the counting ...."
	I have a -CURRENT machine - P4, 512mb RAM, SCSI disks,
de-driver ethernet, all mainstream hardware - that has this problem.
Since early last year (maybe longer) it will occasionally reboot.
No warning, no panic, no core-dump, just - bang.  If I was lucky it
would - sometimes - freeze or degrade X a few seconds before the
reboot.  The shortest period between events was less than an hour,
the longest several weeks, the average 4-5 days.
	After an update in October (??), things slowly got better;
several further updates and I haven't seen it in weeks.

				Robert Huff


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