Mysterious reboot

Robin Vley viper at
Thu Feb 16 13:10:28 PST 2006

Mike Loiterman wrote:

Mike, Wouter,

> Before I make these changes, I would like to just get a second opinion from
> the list about their value and what impact, if any, they might have on
> system stability, compatibility, etc.

I don't know really how to set the maxfiles parameter (mine is at 32000 
for now on a web/mail server). However, as far as I understand the


is not something you want to set at 0 normally. This is part of the TCP 
system of flow control. By not delaying ACKs high speed connections will 
not be fully utilized. However, like someone else already answered: it's 
kind of hard to say if this is a good idea for YOUR setup. Maybe Wouter 
can explain why he came with the tip about that one? Maybe there is a 
good reason to it. :)

My machine also has trouble with sudden reboots. Much quicker than weeks 
though, I barely hold out for 5 days. So I'm reading up on this sort of 
cases now, hence my interest in this thread. So far I've looked at the 
maxfiles (increased it a little), and kern.maxvnodes (increased it to 
100.000, my vfs.vnodes was at 91000 at the time). My trouble is kind of 
exactly the same as I read in the original messaage: the result is like 
someone pulls the plug and puts it back in. No logs, no dumps, no 
nothing. And completely normal operation right before the reboot. Pretty 
annoying. I've had it on 2 machines, different hardware so far.

First I expected hardware, but now I moved everything to a freshly 
installed machine with hardware that I'm 100% sure of it's OK. So it 
must be something else then, right? :)


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