midnight commander and ssh sftp

Kyryll A Mirnenko aka Mirya mirya at matrix.ua
Thu Feb 16 10:52:50 PST 2006

> Is there some way to be able to use midnight commander through a SSH
> tunnel?
1) Use scp/sftp: it's called "Shell link..." is mc menu (the problem is 
Password: prompt is displayed somewhere on the mc command line as it seems to 
be unable to parse it for some reason. So when see it, simply enter the 
password there & refresh the mc panels w/ C-O,C-O)
2) More general solution: if u run 6.0 use sysutils/fusefs-sshfs 
it provides an scp/sftp link within filesystem layer, so you can use it not 
only from mc but from any app. The problem it seems to be much slower than 
plain scp (though uses the same transport), dunno why

Regards, Mirya
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