AMD Turion 64 with ATI-Xpress Chipset....

troyborg at troyborg at
Thu Feb 16 10:22:35 PST 2006

I was wanting to buy this laptop:

And I was trying to find a good Linux Distro to use on it.  I asked on the
Fourms and people kept pointing me to FreeBSD.  But they said it has issues
with ATI.

Do you know if it will work?  Or will I have issues.  If I will have issues is
there any that would be good that suppost 64bit?

I don't want to Win64 right now cause of all its driver issues.  So I was
wanting to try out a linux 64bit on it for a while.  Then i can switch if I
don't like it.

I want something that works good on Laptops.  That can use 64bit.  And can
suppost wireless.

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