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You are not correct in that last statement.

ipfilter does not have to be compiled into kernel to work.
You should read the handbook ipfilter firewall section where
it clearly states that is not necessary and tells you how to do it.

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You can try using ipf filter to impose source-policy routing:

cat > ipf.example
pass in quick on em1 to em1: from to
ipf -f ipf.example

This way you will re-route all packets coming from source 10.1/16 to
destination a.b.c.d to go to address not to a.b.c.d
Note that you have to rebuild your kernel in order to have options
IPFILTER enabled.


>I'm trying to set up the routing table to force requests to certain
>addresses to use a particular ethernet card. I've used the route
>in a number of
>ways, but still can't come up with how to force to use em1 instead
>with the right gateway.

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