NAS advice?

DAve dave.list at
Tue Feb 14 05:59:50 PST 2006

(I am cross posting to FreeBSD questions and Bacula Users, I will not be 
cross posting replies)

I've been crying for four years that we needed a decent backup system 
and I always got put off. "It's on order", "can you resubmit an updated 
equipment list". Yea, checks in the mail.

So yesterday I am told that we have some equipment we got in another 
deal and I can have it to backup my NOC. I plan to run Bacula which I 
already have on some individual machines. I want to have Bacula clients 
on all my machines talking to a single machine running the Bacula 
director, hopefully using the NAS machines for storage.

This is the equipment they threw at me, it is old, but amazingly, unused.

One Dell Poweredge 750, 2.8ghz CPU, 1gb ram, 2 500gb SATA Maxtor 
drives(yuk!), CERC SATA controller.

Two Dell Powervault 725N, 2.0ghz CPU, 512mb ram, 2 480gb Drives. One of 
these machines has a SATA controller.

I would really rather have SCSI, I've changed a deskdrawer full of SATA 
drives in the past 12 months(literally). But, we use what we can get, 
beats nothing.

My questions! I will install FreeBSD on the Poweredge. Should I, could 
I, install FreeBSD on the Powervaults? I've no experience with them. If 
they are stable, I would just as soon plug them in and let them go.

They will be behind the PIX and on a seperate network (1gb) connected to 
the backside of each server. The Powervaults will do nothing but export 
NFS mounts for the Bacula director to write backup files to.

Any thoughts are welcome.


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