horde on freebsd6

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at toybox.placo.com
Tue Feb 14 00:34:30 PST 2006

Setting up Horde/IMP is what you would term a very 'non trivial'
exercise.  It and it's series of ports that it's dependent on needs
to be laid into the system in a particular way or problems like
this happen.  And if you want to completely take advantage of all
IMP's features such as displaying word and excel documents
that are e-mailed, spell checking, and such, you must install
a lot more ports than what are listed as dependencies.  The IMP
port author was apparently shooting for a very stripped-down
IMP installation I'm afraid.

However once you do get it in, and running, it kicks the crap out
of all other webmail interfaces out there.

I have a document I can send to you that are my notes from the
last Horde/IMP install I did on 6.0, just e-mail me off list.
I must warn you though that you probably will have to scratch your
entire installation and start over.  horde/IMP is not a trivial
little php app.


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>    I've got php4 and apache installed on freebsd6 with several php4 
>extensions. Now i want to install horde and imp to test them out while 
>atempting to decide if horde would be suitable as a webmail 
>solution. I try 
>the install via ports, but pear always stops saying the port 
>requires the 
>cli or cgi version of php, but i have a conflicting port 
>installed. I've 
>already got php4 installed, does anyone have a workaround for this?
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