horde on freebsd6

Kevin Kinsey kdk at daleco.biz
Mon Feb 13 16:12:49 PST 2006

Dave wrote:

> Hello,
>    I've got php4 and apache installed on freebsd6 with
> several php4 extensions. Now i want to install horde and
> imp to test them out while atempting to decide if horde
> would be suitable as a webmail solution. I try the install
> via ports, but pear always stops saying the port requires
> the cli or cgi version of php, but i have a conflicting port
> installed. I've already got php4 installed, does anyone
> have a workaround for this?
> Thanks.
> Dave.

IANAE, but here are some ideas:

1.  show us the error.
2.  set "FORCE_PKG_REGISTER" and try again.
3.  uninstall the "conflicting port" and try again.
4.  show us the error.
5.  use PHP5, particularly lang/php5, which installs a CLI
       by default as well as the apache.so
6.  format your hard drive and start over ... no, wait; that's
       not the FreeBSD Way(TM).
7.  do some magic with configure statements.
8.  show us the error?


Kevin Kinsey

Familiarity breeds attempt.

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