Undefined Symbol "resVgaShared" after upgrade to xorg 6.9

Kevin Kinsey kdk at daleco.biz
Mon Feb 13 09:31:22 PST 2006

Tom Grove wrote:

> I did a portupgrade this weekend and today my screen
> res went to 1024x768...that's not my normal resolution.
> I did some tinkering and found that no drivers showed
> up in xorgcfg when I try to setup my card.  I looked at
> some logs and found this error message:
> Undefined symbol "resVgaShared"
> I'm not really sure what it means and was wondering
> if anyone else ran into similar problems? I'm running 6-stable
> and have an ATI radeon mobile card. In 6.8 everything worked
> fine...only after the upgrade did I start having problems.
> -Tom

Wow, I didn't know 6.8 was even out! </crash-boom>
          --- gee, what kinda guy makes fun of typos?  Please
                forgive my obvious trolling :-) and let's move on...

Anyway, I'd like to have seen a little more information in
your posting:

       ---is xorg the only thing that got upgraded?
       ---what window manager/environment are you using?
                *Was it upgraded?
       ---what does your xorg configuration file say in re:
                *screen definitions
       ---what is your "normal resolution"?

IANAE, but I'd wonder if, since X seems to at least
run, if the issue isn't "resVgaShared" so much as
a change somewhere else.  Gnome, KDE and I think
XFCE all do some X management themselves (as do
some others, probably) and a change in your WM might
have caused your screen resolution to change also....

Of course, either of us could be barking up the wrong
tree on this one.

Kevin Kinsey

You may be infinitely smaller than some things,
but you're infinitely larger than others.

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