Undefined Symbol "resVgaShared" after upgrade to xorg 6.9

Tom Grove freebsd at voidmain.net
Mon Feb 13 07:26:04 PST 2006

I did a portupgrade this weekend and today my screen res went to 
1024x768...that's not my normal resolution.  I did some tinkering and 
found that no drivers showed up in xorgcfg when I try to setup my card.  
I looked at some logs and found this error message:

Undefined symbol "resVgaShared"

I'm not really sure what it means and was wondering if anyone else ran 
into similar problems? I'm running 6-stable and have an ATI radeon 
mobile card. In 6.8 everything worked fine...only after the upgrade did 
I start having problems.


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