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Urs Schroffenegger urs-on-debian-list at lampshade.ch
Fri Feb 10 08:35:39 PST 2006

Kristian Vaaf wrote:

> Thank you all for your interesting replies!
> Though I did not mean to ask for advice on a script that would
> generate texts for you. I mean, that's impossible.
> However, using http://www.rhymer.com, it would do something like this.
> 1 is for End rhymes
> 2 is for Last syllable rhymes
> 3 is for Double rhymes
> 4 is for Beginning rhymes
> 5 is for First syllable rhymes
> (vaaf at arba)(16:23:02/10/06)
> (%:~) rhymer free 1
> End rhymes for "free":
> abbey, ably, [snippy], zuni
> Would this be possible?

You could try to send the post request of their form from a language 
like python and see what comes back, but i'm not sure they'd appreciate 
you using their site without passing through their form and injecting 
requests in their CGI. It's some sort of hacking...

To make an independent rhyming dictionnary program, I think you 
basically need to have a list of words written phonetically and with 
syllabes separation. After that, it's only a search function to find the 
matching pattern. The difficult part is to get the phonetic data.

> All the best,
> Vaaf


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