A script for poets

Kristian Vaaf vaaf at broadpark.no
Fri Feb 10 07:29:24 PST 2006

Thank you all for your interesting replies!

Though I did not mean to ask for advice on a script that would
generate texts for you. I mean, that's impossible.

However, using http://www.rhymer.com, it would do something like this.

1 is for End rhymes
2 is for Last syllable rhymes
3 is for Double rhymes
4 is for Beginning rhymes
5 is for First syllable rhymes

(vaaf at arba)(16:23:02/10/06)
(%:~) rhymer free 1

End rhymes for "free":

abbey, ably, achy, acme, acne, aerie, agree, airy, algae, alley, 
amply, amy, andy, angry, ante, anti, antsy, any, aptly, army, arty, 
ashy, aurae, aussie, awfully, baby, badly, baggy, bailee, bailey, 
bailie, baldly, bali, balky, balmy, bandy, banshee, banti, barely, 
barky, barley, batty, bawdry, bawdy, be, beachy, beady, beanie, 
beastly, beauty, bee, beefy, beery, belfry, belly, benny, berkeley, 
berry, betty, bevy, biddy, biggie, billy, birdie, bitchy, bitsy, 
bitty, blackly, blandly, blankly, blarney, bleakly, bleary, blindly, 
blistery, blithely, blocky, bloody, bloomy, blotchy, blowsy, blowy, 
blowzy, bluey, bluntly, blurry, blustery, bobby, body, bogey, boggy, 
bogy, boise, boldly, bonnie, bonny, bony, booby, boogie, bookie, 
bootee, booty, boozy, bosky, bossy, botany, botchy, bougie, bouncy, 
boundary, bounty, bowery, bowie, brainy, brambly, brandy, brashly, 
brassie, brassy, bratty, bravely, brawly, brawny, breathy, breezy, 
bribee, briefly, briery, brightly, briny, briskly, bristly, broadly, 
bronzy, broody, broomy, brothy, brownie, bruskly, brusquely, bubbly, 
buddy, buffy, buggy, bulgy, bulky, bully, bumpy, bunchy, bunny, buoy, 
burley, burly, burry, bury, busby, bushy, busty, busy, cabby, caddie, 
caddy, cadre, cagey, calmly, campi, campy, candy, canny, carefree, 
carny, carrie, carry, catchy, catty, cb, cc, cd, chalky, chamois, 
chancy, chargee, charley, charlie, chassis, chastely, chatty, 
cheaply, cheeky, cheery, cheesy, cherry, chesty, chewy, chichi, 
chickpea, chiefly, chile, chili, chilly, chimney, chintzy, chippy, 
chloe, choicely, choky, choosey, choosy, choppy, christie, christly, 
chubby, chuffy, chummy, chunky, chutney, city, clammy, classy, 
clayey, cleanly, clearly, clergy, clerkly, clingy, cliquey, cloddy, 
cloggy, closely, clotty, cloudy, clumpy, clumsy, clunky, coarsely, 
cockney, cocky, coffee, coldly, collie, comely, comfy, commie, coney, 
connie, cony, cookie, cooley, coolie, coolly, cootie, copy, corky, 
corny, corrie, costly, coulee, country, county, courtly, covey, 
cowrie, cowry, coyly, cozy, crabby, crackly, crafty, craggy, cranky, 
cranny, crappie, crappy, crassly, crawly, crazy, creaky, creamy, 
cree, creepy, crinkly, crisply, crispy, croaky, crony, crosby, 
crossly, croupy, cruddy, crudely, cruelly, crumbly, crumby, crummy, 
crunchy, crusty, cubby, cuddly, cuddy, curie, curly, curry, curtly, 
curtsey, curtsy, curvy, cushy, cutely, cutesy, cutey, cutie, daddy, 
daffy, daftly, daily, dainty, dairy, daisy, dally, damply, dandy, 
dankly, darkly, deadly, deafly, dearie, dearly, deathly, debbie, 
debris, debtee, decree, deeply, deftly, degree, delhi, deli, dempsey, 
densely, derby, dewy, dickey, dilly, dimly, dimply, dinghy, dingy, 
dinkey, dinky, dippy, direly, dirty, disney, ditty, divvy, dixie, 
dizzy, dodgy, doggie, doggy, dogie, doily, dolby, dolly, donkey, 
dopey, dotty, doubly, doughy, dourly, dowdy, downy, dowry, doxy, 
dozy, drably, draftee, drafty, draggy, draughty, drawee, dreamy, 
dreary, dressy, drifty, drily, drippy, drizzly, droopy, dropsy, 
drossy, drowsy, druggie, druggy, dryly, duchy, ducky, duddie, duddy, 
duffy, dully, duly, dumbly, dummy, dumpy, dusky, dusty, duty, early, 
earthly, earthy, easy, eddy, edgy, eely, eerie, eery, eighty, emcee, 
emmy, empty, ennui, entry, envy, erie, esprit, every, faintly, 
fairly, fairy, falsely, falsie, fancy, fanny, farcy, fatly, fatty, 
faulty, fee, feebly, feisty, ferny, ferry, fiercely, fiery, fifty, 
fiji, filly, filmy, filthy, finely, finny, firmly, firstly, fishy, 
fitly, fizzy, flabby, flaky, flappy, flashy, flatly, flaunty, flaxy, 
flea, flecky, flee, fleecy, fleetly, fleshly, fleshy, flighty, 
flimsy, flinty, flirty, floaty, flooey, floosie, floozie, floozy, 
floppy, flossy, flouncy, flowery, fluffy, fluky, flunkey, flunky, 
flurry, fluty, foamy, foggy, fogy, folksy, folly, fondly, foresee, 
forky, forty, foully, foundry, fourthly, foxy, frankly, freaky, 
freckly, free, freebie, freely, frenzy, freshly, friday, friendly, 
frilly, frisbee, frisky, frizzly, frizzy, frosty, frothy, frowsy, 
frowzy, fruity, frumpy, fuddy, fully, fumy, fundy, funky, funny, 
furry, fury, fusee, fussy, fusty, fuzzy, gabby, gaily, galley, 
gamely, gamey, gamy, gandhi, gangly, gantry, gassy, gatsby, gaudy, 
gauntly, gauzy, gawky, gee, genie, gently, gentry, germfree, germy, 
ghastly, ghostly, ghosty, giddy, giggly, gimpy, gipsy, gladly, 
glairy, glary, glassy, gleamy, glee, gleety, glibly, glitzy, gloomy, 
glory, glossy, gluey, glumly, gnarly, goalie, goatee, gobi, goby, 
godly, golly, goodie, goodly, goody, gooey, goofy, goosey, goosy, 
gorki, gory, gouty, grabby, grainy, grammy, grandee, grandly, 
grannie, granny, grantee, grapey, grassy, gravely, gravy, grayly, 
greasy, greatly, greedy, greenly, greyly, grimly, grimy, grippy, 
gripy, grisly, gritty, grizzly, grocery, groggy, groovy, grossly, 
grouchy, groupie, grubby, gruffly, grumbly, grumpy, grundy, grungy, 
guernsey, guildry, guilty, guinea, gully, gummy, gunky, gunny, guppy, 
gurney, gushy, gussie, gussy, gusty, gutsy, gutty, gypsy, hackie, 
hackly, hackney, hairy, haiti, hammy, handy, hankie, hanky, haply, 
happy, hardly, hardy, harpy, harry, harshly, hasty, haughty, hazy, 
he, heady, healthy, hearty, heathy, heavy, hefty, henry, herby, 
hershey, hickey, highly, hilly, hindi, hippie, history, hitchy, 
hoagie, hoagy, hoarsely, hoary, hobby, hockey, hokey, holey, holly, 
holy, homely, homey, honey, honkey, honkie, honky, hooey, hookey, 
hooky, hopi, horny, horsey, horsy, hosiery, hotly, hourly, howdy, 
hubby, huffy, hugely, hulky, humbly, hungry, hunky, huntley, hurry, 
husky, hussy, icky, icy, idly, iffy, inky, itchy, ivy, jackie, jaggy, 
jangly, jaunty, jaycee, jayvee, jazzy, jelly, jenny, jerky, jerry, 
jersey, jesse, jetty, jewelry, jewry, jiffy, jiggly, jimmy, jingly, 
jinni, jitney, jockey, joey, johnny, jointly, jolly, jolty, jouncy, 
journey, jowly, judy, juicy, jumpy, junkie, junky, jury, justly, 
keenly, kelly, kewpie, key, khaki, kicky, kiddy, kidney, kimchee, 
kindly, kingly, kinky, kitschy, kitty, kiwi, klutzy, knee, knightly, 
knobby, knock-knee, knotty, kookie, kooky, lackey, lacy, laddie, 
lady, lamely, lanky, larceny, lardy, largely, larvae, lassie, lastly, 
latchkey, lately, laundry, lawny, laxly, lazy, leafy, leaky, leanly, 
lee, leery, lefty, leggy, lengthy, lessee, levee, levi, levy, lewdly, 
lightly, likely, lily, limply, limy, lindy, linty, lippy, lithely, 
lively, loamy, lobby, lofty, logy, lonely, loony, loopy, loosely, 
lordly, lorry, lottie, loudly, lousy, lovely, lowly, lp, lucky, lucy, 
lumpy, luny, lusty, macy, madly, maggie, mainly, malty, mammae, 
mangy, manly, many, maori, mardi, marquee, marquis, marry, marshy, 
matey, maxi, maybe, mazy, mc, md, me, mealie, mealy, meanly, meany, 
measly, meaty, medley, meekly, meetly, mercy, merely, merry, meshy, 
messy, mickey, middy, mighty, mildly, milky, mini, minnie, minty, 
misery, misty, moistly, moldy, molly, mommy, monday, money, monkey, 
monte, monthly, moody, moonie, moony, mopey, morae, mosey, mossy, 
mostly, motley, mouldy, mountie, mounty, mousey, mousy, mouthy, 
movie, moxie, mp, mucky, muddy, muggy, multi, mummy, munchy, murky, 
mushy, musky, mussy, musty, mutely, mutiny, mystery, nakedly, namely, 
nancy, nannie, nanny, nappy, nary, nasty, natty, naughty, navy, nazi, 
nearly, neatly, needy, nervy, newly, newsy, nextly, nicely, 
nietzsche, nifty, nightie, nightly, nighty, nimbi, nimbly, ninety, 
ninny, nippy, nitty, nixie, nixy, nobly, noddy, noisy, nosey, nosy, 
notchy, nubby, nudely, numbly, nutty, od, oddly, off-key, oily, okey, 
okie, oldie, only, oozy, orgy, ornery, oui, ouija, paddy, padre, 
paisley, palfrey, palmy, palsy, paltry, pansy, pantie, pantry, panty, 
pappy, parlay, parley, parry, parsley, partly, party, passkey, 
pastry, pasty, patchy, patsy, patty, paultry, paunchy, pawnee, payee, 
pc, pea, peachy, pearly, peaty, peavey, pebbly, pee, peewee, penney, 
penny, peppy, pepsi, perky, pertly, pesky, petri, petty, phoebe, 
phoney, phony, phooey, picky, piggy, pimply, pinkie, pinky, pitchy, 
pithy, pity, pixie, pixy, plainly, plea, pledgee, plenty, ploidy, 
plucky, plumply, plumy, plushly, plushy, podgy, pointy, pokey, poky, 
poly, pongee, pony, poorly, poppy, porgy, porky, portly, poshly, 
posse, posy, potty, poultry, prairie, preachy, precis, preemie, 
preppie, preppy, presley, pretty, prexy, prickly, priestly, primly, 
princely, prissy, prithee, privy, prix, promptly, pronely, prosy, 
proudly, proxy, psyche, puddly, pudgy, puffy, puggy, puisne, pulley, 
pulpy, punchy, puny, puppy, puree, purely, pushy, pussy, puttee, 
putty, pygmy, pyxie, quacky, quaintly, quaky, quarry, queasy, queazy, 
queenly, queerly, query, quickie, quickly, quinsy, quirky, racy, 
rainey, rainy, rally, ramie, randy, rangy, rankly, raptly, rarely, 
rashly, raspy, rattly, ratty, raunchy, rawly, ready, really, redly, 
reedy, reefy, reeky, rete, richly, ridgy, rightly, ripely, ripply, 
risky, ritzy, roadie, robby, rocky, roily, rooftree, rookie, roomy, 
rooty, rosie, rosy, roughly, roundly, rowdy, rubbly, ruby, ruddy, 
rudely, ruffly, rugby, rumbly, rummy, rumply, runny, runty, rupee, 
rushy, rusty, rutty, rv, sadly, safely, safety, sagely, saggy, 
saintly, saki, sally, salty, sandy, sanely, sappy, saree, sari, 
sassy, saucy, savvy, sayee, scabby, scaly, scampi, scantly, scanty, 
scarcely, scary, scenery, schmaltzy, scot-free, scraggly, scraggy, 
scrappy, scratchy, scrawly, scrawny, screaky, screechy, screwy, 
scrimpy, scrubby, scruffy, scummy, scurry, scurvy, sea, seamy, sedgy, 
see, seedy, seemly, sendee, sentry, settee, sexy, shabby, shady, 
shaggy, shaky, shanty, shapely, sharpey, sharpie, sharply, shawnee, 
she, sheeny, sheerly, shelley, shelly, sherry, shifty, shimmy, 
shinney, shinny, shiny, shoaly, shoddy, shoetree, shootee, shortly, 
shorty, showy, shrewdly, shrilly, shrubby, shyly, sickly, sidney, 
sightly, sightsee, signee, silky, silly, silty, simply, singly, 
sippy, sissy, sixty, sketchy, ski, skiddy, skimpy, skinny, skivvy, 
slackly, slangy, slaty, sleazy, sleekly, sleepy, sleety, slickly, 
slightly, slimly, slimsy, slimy, slinky, slippery, sloppy, sloshy, 
slouchy, sloughy, slowly, sludgy, sluggy, slummy, slurry, slushy, 
slyly, smartie, smartly, smarty, smeary, smelly, smithy, smoggy, 
smokey, smoky, smoochy, smoothly, smudgy, smugly, smutchy, smutty, 
snaggy, snaky, snappy, snarly, snazzy, sneaky, sneezy, sniffy, 
snippy, snobby, snoopy, snooty, snoozy, snorty, snotty, snowy, 
snubby, snuffly, snuffy, snugly, soaky, soapy, softie, softly, softy, 
soggy, solely, sonny, sooty, soppy, sorely, sorry, sortie, soundly, 
soupy, sourly, spangly, sparely, sparsely, specie, speedy, spicy, 
spiffy, spiky, spindly, spiny, spiry, splashy, splotchy, spondee, 
spongy, spooky, spoony, sporty, spotty, spree, sprightly, springy, 
spryly, spunky, squabby, squally, squarely, squashy, squatty, 
squeaky, squeegee, squiggly, squinty, squirmy, squishy, stably, 
stagy, staidly, standee, stanley, starchy, starkly, starry, stately, 
staunchly, steady, stealthy, steamy, steely, steeply, sternly, 
sticky, stiffly, stilly, stingy, stinky, stocky, stodgy, stogie, 
stony, stormy, story, stoutly, straggly, straightly, straitly, 
strangely, strawy, streaky, streamy, stretchy, striae, strictly, 
stringy, strongly, strophe, strumae, stubbly, stubby, study, stuffy, 
stumpy, sturdy, stymie, suavely, subtly, sudsy, suey, sui, sulky, 
sully, sultry, sunday, sundry, sunny, surely, surly, surrey, suttee, 
swami, swampy, swanky, swarthy, swashy, swazi, sweaty, sweeney, 
sweeny, sweepy, sweetie, sweetly, swiftly, swingy, swirly, swishy, 
sydney, tabby, tacky, taffy, talkie, talky, tally, tamely, tangy, 
tansy, tardy, tarry, tartly, tasty, tautly, tawdry, tawny, taxi, tea, 
teary, teddy, tee, teeny, tensely, tepee, terry, tersely, teste, 
testee, testy, tetchy, thee, theory, thickly, thinly, thirdly, 
thirsty, thirty, thistly, thorny, thready, three, thrifty, throaty, 
thuggee, tidy, tightly, timely, tingly, tinny, tiny, tippee, tipsy, 
tiredly, tizzy, toady, toby, toddy, toffee, tony, toothy, topsy, 
tori, tory, touchy, toughie, toughly, tourney, towhee, townie, towny, 
tracy, trainee, trashy, treacly, treaty, tree, trembly, trendy, 
tricksy, tricky, trimly, triply, tritely, troche, trochee, trolley, 
trophy, truly, trustee, trusty, tsetse, tubby, tuesday, tummy, 
tunney, tunny, turfy, turkey, turnkey, turvy, tutti, tv, twangy, 
tweedy, twenty, twiggy, twitchy, ugly, unfree, usee, vaguely, vainly, 
valley, vary, vastly, vaulty, veery, veiny, vendee, verdi, very, 
vestee, vestry, volley, vouchee, wacky, waggly, walkie, wanly, 
warmly, warty, wary, washy, wavy, waxy, we, weakly, wealthy, weary, 
webby, wednesday, wee, weedy, weekly, weeny, weepy, weighty, weirdly, 
wetly, whammy, wheelie, wheezy, wherry, whimsy, whinny, whirry, 
whiskey, whisky, whitey, wholely, wholly, whoopee, widely, wiener, 
wienie, wifely, wiggly, wildly, wily, windy, wintery, wintry, winy, 
wiry, wisely, wishy, wispy, witchy, witty, wobbly, wonky, woodsy, 
woody, woolly, wooly, woozy, wordy, worldly, wormy, worry, worthy, 
wreathy, wriggly, wrigley, wrinkly, wrongly, wryly, yangtze, yankee, 
yanqui, yarely, ye, yearly, yeasty, yeti, yippee, yippie, yogi, 
yolky, yucky, yummy, zany, zesty, zingy, zippy, zloty, zombie, zuni

Would this be possible?

All the best,

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