is upgrading from 4.x to 6.x possible?

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Fri Feb 10 08:11:40 PST 2006

Dinesh Nair writes:

>  > The other option available is of course to make a backup of all
>  > data and config files, make a new clean install of 6.x, and
>  > then restore files from backup.
>  which is exactly what i did and something i'd recommend for all
>  4.x to 6.x direct upgrades. there's been a lot of changes in
>  freebsd since 4.x and a clean reinstall of 6.x will ensure that
>  this gets to you with the least amount of problems.

	While I 've done source upgrades across major version bumps, my
recommendation is (if at alll feasible) to buy a new disk and start
over.  It's amazing the amount of crud that accumulates on most
people's disks.  Mount the old disk read-only, and copy off any
desired files, then store it as "ultimate backup" for six months or

				Robert Huff

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