sshd / ssh setup

fbsd_user fbsd_user at
Wed Feb 8 14:10:04 PST 2006

Have user who is logging in to USA site from Asian public internet
cafes using his personal windows/xp notebook. Trying to setup the
USA server and his windows/xp notebook to use SSH.
Added sshd_enable="YES" to USA site server rc.conf and rebooted
During boot process, followed sshd instruction and built
the root user keys. Have read the handbook but have no clue as
how to proceed. The handbook covers all the many different ssh
config options, but does not say how to really use it.

Need procedures to
1. setup users on FreeBSD target sshd server.
2. setup users on FreeBSD remote box to ssh to sshd server.
3. setup users on windows/xp remote box to ssh to sshd server.

Is this documented any where?

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