recovering from failed cvsup upgrade

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Thu Feb 9 12:39:20 PST 2006

wo_shi_big_stomach wrote:
> Thanks -- I have that system back. Whew.
[ ... ]

You're welcome.

> The upgrade routine warned that it could not replace
> the /usr/src tree and that cvsup was the right way to
> do this.
> To get this system from 5.4-RELEASE to RELENG_5_4, am
> I ok just cvsup'ing src-all followed by the rest of
> the steps you indicated?

You're probably better off deleting /usr/src and /usr/ports, installing the more
recent version of them off the the CD image, and then using CVSup to update them
from there.  Not only is this likely to be faster, it will avoid inheriting any
stale source files that may be lurking...


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